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The Black Watch Winter Guard is a world-class ensemble that competes every year from November through May. 

The group is comprised of local performers who audition through a series of events in the fall. The season is comprised of several weekend rehearsals where the show is taught. The highlight of the season is traveling to Dayton, OH to compete nationally in the Winter Guard International Championship Competition.

Black watch world 2023 cast


Captains - Caitlin Fenning & Julia Ferraiolo • Gabby Angelastro • Lilah Beard • Brianna Becker • Helen Bonilla • Tierney Ellicott • Gianna Iuliucci • Sam Kitchin • Alex Maier •  Laura Randall • Amber Robbins • Veronica Schmidt • Steve Tarte  • Stevie Voss • Rebecca Youngerman 

The Black Watch 2023 is proud to present our program “On the Design of Play”

The Black Watch 2023 is proud to present our 2023 production entitled, "On the Design of Play". This year The Black Watch returns to our formative years and explores what it means to be a child and how we design for play.

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