The Black Watch Winter Guard is a world-class ensemble that competes every year from November through May. 

The group is comprised of local performers who audition through a series of events in the fall. The season is comprised of several weekend rehearsals where the show is taught. The highlight of the season is traveling to Dayton, OH to compete nationally in the Winter Guard International Championship Competition.

Black watch world 2022 cast


Captains - Caitlin Fenning & Olivia Sims • Hailey Hernandez • Victoria Pastrana • Taylor Curlis • Aryanna Mares • Leah Gibson • Alex Maier • Danielle Fiumano • Steve Tarte • Hayley Shiroff • Natalie Augustine • Kirsten Soltner • Julia Ferraiolo • Ryan Lopez • Laura Randall • Becky Washel • Jack Stanton • Luke Procida • Kris Haynes • Mikki Gursky

The Black Watch 2022 is proud to present our program “Botanik

When was the last time you went on a hike? Walk in the forest? Or visited a botanical garden? Filled with some of the world’s rarest plant species and plenty of wildlife, the botanical garden provides the perfect setting to stop, relax, and enjoy the moment around you. This year, The Black Watch aims to bring the Botanical Experience to the world-class stage through the discretion of color, cataloguing of amorphic change, and an immersive auditory experience. Join us as we move through the Bo·tanik from atrium space to atrium space, leading to an experience you won’t forget.